Friday, January 22, 2016

G+. What has happened here?

Four, possibly five years ago, I gave up on Facebook.  The petty arguments that went on, and never would have happened in a face-to-face meeting, began to wear me down.  

This one posted this to my timeline and this one commented and I didn't like that comment and so I made a simple comment on this other guys timeline about the comments and got 15 people commenting about shit they don't even know about and....    AAARRRRRGH!

Around the time that I quit Facebook, another social network was emerging onto the net.  Google put out something that they were calling "Google +".  It's gone through a name-change since then, and is now referred to as G+.  It has become part of a suite of web apps that includes YouTube, Google Drive, GMail, Google Maps and the app I'm using to write this, eBlogger.  

I liked G+ from the beginning because there was less of the drama that Facebook became known for.  The things I was interested in were represented more by the "communities" in G+.  The things that weren't on my timeline in G+ were the very things I wanted to get rid of on my old Facebook wall.  "I just harvested 14 tons of okra in AnotherFrigginFarmerGame!!  Join NOW!!"

But, G+ is gearing up to become a thing of my past, as Facebook before it.  Why?

Let me say, there is nothing about this community that indicates that they're discriminating against anyone.  I'm quite sure that a person can join this community regardless of race/ethnicity.  I'm sure that, if someone with yellow skin posted and then copied that post to the community, that it would be allowed.  

Here is why I think it is a harbinger of G+'s grim future.  G+ has always been my place where mostly smart people shared mostly smart ideas.  Sure, there were some folks who didn't know what they were talking about.  There were those that disagreed.  Facebook had that, as well.  In any social structure, there will be "clashes".  But, at least these communities made sense.  

I joined a science community that BLASTED my homepage!  Nearly 45 posts (and more than 10 INTELLIGENT comments per post, on average) each day.  I didn't care, because the subjects I was exposed to made sense.  

I joined an atheist community where topics swing wildly from brainless and insulting to mind-expanding and extolling.  And, that describes BOTH sides of the issue.  But I learn things from this group.  I think about the things I read in the posts that this community generates, and I don't feel like I'm wasting ALL of my time.

"Black People Chat Only"      That's it.  What would I go here to learn?  And, why should those things be chatted about only by black people?  Is this another "That's OUR word!  YOU can't say that!" kind of thing?

I don't want to go off on another rant about racism, even though this community seems to prove that whites aren't the only racists out there!  But, I'm just amazed that someone found a need to start an online community like this!  

Sure enough, I look for, and find, another community called "White People chat only!!".  Really?  Exclamation points?  When describing her reason for starting the community, she says, "... I made 'WhitePeople Chat Only' because I wanted a place where people could have fun and try new things."  You can't do that in the myriad of other groups, communities or, say, your living room?  Nope.  Gotta make sure that it's only White People.

I can't make G+ take those communities down.  While I don't like the names, there's nothing I read in the content that is discriminatory or inflammatory.  And that's why there will come a time when G+ will receive a request from me to shut down my account.  

At least the reason is not AnotherFrigginFarmerGame.


  1. I cannot believe that in this day where political correctness is the prevailing force invading our intelligent conversations that this would come to fruition.

  2. I'm not sure how to take that. I guess I'm just being prudish. I mean, what do I care what someone calls their little area on the interwebs? Right? It's just not for me, and if it stays on G+, I may have to find greener pastures...